Tecc Titan Eliquid RY4 Tobacco
Tecc Titan E-Liquid Ry4 Tobacco Tecc Titan E-Liquid RY4 Tobacco Tecc Titan E-Liquid RY4 Tobacco

RY4 Tobacco

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TPD Compliant e liquid

Sweet caramel expertly blended with a hint of tobacco to give a smooth finish.

RY4 Tobacco from Titanic is available in 6mg (0.6%), 11mg (1.1%) and 18mg (1.8%) strengths

What strength is suitable for you?
For Smokers OfNicotine Strength
Up to 10 light cigarettes per day 6mg or 0.6% (medium)
Up to 10 cigarettes per day 11mg or 1.1% (medium to high)
Up to 20 cigarettes per day 18mg or 1.8% (high)

PG:VG Ratio is 70:30

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We have found that smokers that try vaping for the first time tend to prefer tobacco flavoured juices like Titanic's RY4 Tobacco e-juices over fruity flavours. This is mainly due to the similarities in taste between real tobacco and the tobacco flavoured e-liquids. Some ex-smokers find that the non-tobacco e-liquids a bit gimmicky.

Our range covers most tastes and preferences - if you are not sure which is right for you please feel free to contact us. Our RY4 Tobacco ejuices are made in the EU with high quality ingredients. Flavourings are of food grade quality and we only use pharmaceutical grade PG/VG and nicotine. RY4 Tobacco is suitable for all types of devices and vaping behaviours.

Packaging Info 

    • 10ml bottle size filled with Titanic's RY4 Tobacco e-liquid
    • Child-resistant cap and closure with push-down and twist off cap
    • Tamper evident plastic shrink-wrapping
    • TPD Compliant product EU Directive (2014/40/EU) and CLP regulation (EC No 1272/2008)

About Child-resistant packaging: RY4 eliquid's child-resistant packaging is child resistant but not child proof!
No container that is designed for daily use can be completely ‘child proof’ so it is essential to take safety precautions with nicotine-containing eliquids:

  1. Keep RY4 tobacco e-liquid out of sight and reach of children and pets, preferably in a locked high cupboard
  2. Always keep nicotine juices in their original Titanic child-resistant bottles
  3. Dispose of unwanted eliquid bottle safely in household waste
  4. Ensure e-liquids are not accessible to children or pets

RY4 tobacco e-liquid is ready to vape.

What does RY4 stand for?

RY4 was one of the first tobacco flavoured ejuices developed especially for vapers that craved a great tobacco flavoured vape. The name evolved from its creator - Ruyan Group Limited - one of the first eliquid manufacturers. Based in China, Ruyan Group reportedly launched the first electronic cigarette in 2004. The term 'RY4' allegedly comes from ‘Ruyan blend #4’ - the forth sample in a sequence of experimental flavours. RY4 comprises three essential components: a tobacco extract, a caramel flavour and vanilla essence. Since its conception, new variations on the original RY4 formulation have been developed which brings us to our special RY4 blend.

Does RY4 tobacco e-liquid taste like the real thing?

We work hard to source the best - and most realistic - tobacco e-liquids for our customers. And while we believe RY4 tobacco e-liquid is an excellent substitute to real tobacco, it is important to know that it will not taste the same.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tecc


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