While they are similar in some ways, there are important differences between hemp oil and CBD oil. As a consumer, it is easy to get confused by phrases such as 'cannabis oil' and 'marijuana oil' especially when many companies seem to use these terms interchangeably. Let us take a closer look at hemp oil and CBD oil to learn how to distinguish the two. On the surface, hemp oil and CBD oil may appear to be the same thing. This is largely due to the first fact we will discuss: they both come from the same plant species.


The Cannibis Species

The cannabis plant belongs to the genus Cannabis, hence the name. Within that genus, there are three species: Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis, on the other hand, is considered a feral species, meaning that it grows in the wild. In addition, Cannabis ruderalis is naturally low in THC. Hemp oil and CBD oil both come from the plant Cannabis sativa, although some research shows that hemp is more genetically similar to Cannabis indica. 



Each One Comes From A Different Strain Of That Species Hemp oil and CBD oil come from different strains of the Cannabis sativa plant. The vast, and always growing, number of marijuana strains is an example of how growers can breed plants to exhibit high degrees of various traits (e.g., flavour, aroma, colour, THC and CBD count). But strains can also be created that exhibit low degrees of these same traits. Another way to think about the difference between the two plants is by comparing them to roses. There are many different varieties of roses. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Even though they differ in a great many ways, they are still roses and their genealogy can be traced back to the original rose plant. Much like yellow roses and white roses are to the original red rose, the hemp plant is a relative (a cousin) of the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is one of over 100 cannabidiol products that are found in the cannabis plant. CBD oils only contain this one cannabidiol, CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil like our Hemplucid products are made from the whole plant and they contain many dozens of different cannabidiol products. Full spectrum hemp oil contains all of the chemical compounds found in the hemp plant, including cannabinoids, terpenoids, phytonutrients, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. In order to create full spectrum hemp oil, steps must be taken to ensure these important compounds are not lost or degraded during the extraction process. The only exception is the psychoactive compound, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is removed. In most hemp products, there are trace amounts of THC, usually in the neighborhood of .03%.


Hemp oil is fabricated from the plant called hemp. In other words, it is a hemp extract taken from the seeds of the plant. While this type of oil can be extracted from all plants in the cannabis genus, industrial hemp is the only plant used for hemp oil. This type of hemp is specifically produced industrially and the amount of psychoactive substances that are contained in it is minimal. To simplify:


(1) CBD Oil

CBD oil is generally used for medicinal purposes(it will not get a person high as it contains only trace amounts of THC), treating inflammation, pain, sleeping disorders and even certain types of epileptic seizures.


(2) Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil is widely recognised as the best that you can buy and again it is used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. Most CBD products remove many potentially beneficial compounds including phytocannabinoids to isolate the CBD molecule, narrowing its therapeutic availability and decreasing its beneficial impact. Full-spectrum hemp oil refers to when the pure oil extracted from hemp contains all the same cannabinoids and compounds found in the original hemp plant. Full-spectrum hemp oil contains dozens of cannabinoids. The most abundant cannabinoid found in hemp oil is cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound shown to have many benefits in studies. Hard-wired throughout every human body is a system called the endocannabinoid system, comprised of receptors embedded in the brain, organs, glands, and connective tissues. These receptors are believed to be more numerous than any other receptor system found in the body. Once cells are stimulated with plant-based cannabinoids, a variety of physiologic processes work to metabolize and utilize the nourishing molecules, and contributing to stable cell function and internal environment homeostasis. Research has shown that doses of CBD can trigger the body to build more endocannabinoid receptors, creating a regenerative web of healthy cells throughout the nervous system and immune system. With over 100 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil uses the whole plant to harvest these different cannabinoids which work together to give an entourage effect. Below is a diagram showing just some of the different compounds found in the cannabis plant. While CBD alone is used with people with many differing conditions you can see that  the even a few of the other cannabinoids have been reported to have great effects.

3) Hemp Seed Oil with no CBD

Hemp-seed oil is used as a protein supplement for food, as varnish for wood and, because of its remedial properties for hair and skin, as an ingredient in the lotion and soap products you mentioned. You can buy hemp-seed oil online or at certain food stores, where you can learn about more ways to incorporate it into your diet and hygiene.



Main types of CBD Oil Products


CBD Marijuana Oil

CBD Marijuana oil is derived from marijuana and contains significant amounts of THC, making it a controlled substance which can require a prescription or access certification. At the minimum, access to CBD marijuana oil requires living in an area with some form of marijuana legalization. (Not Legal in the UK) CBD Oil- contains little THC (no more than 0.3%) and is therefore considered a supplement. This is legally available in the UK


Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Seed Oil

This is considered to be the best available on the market today it has a low THC content. This oil does not isolate the CBD but utilizes the whole plant and so has hundreds of plant based compounds like phytocannabinoids, terpenes and other phytonutrients. These compounds work together creating what is known as the Entourage Effect providing a better effect than just CBD alone. If CBD oil was a vitamin it would Vitamin A and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil would be a multi-vitamin. Hemp Seed Oil - is a food product which contains very little, if any CBD.


CBD Wax Dabs

CBD Wax Dabs are a concentracted form of CBD that originate from CBD oil. It is a particularly potent CBD variant which is inhaled. CBD dabs are heated in a special device 


 CBD eliquids


Our CBD eLiquid range are manufactured using the best CBD oil which is combined with pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and glycerol. 


Note: It should be noted to comply with UK law we sell all our CBD as a food supplement. We do not make any health claims regarding CBD and we do not claim it will cure any disease or illness. We can simply point out to you what has been said about CBD and tell you about the types of people that would purchase these products from us.