Knowing how to start electronic cigarette usage is probably the only aspect of e cig smoking which might have you scratching your head as there are a number of choices to consider. These exist to offer you everything you need to truly personalise your vaping experience.


When deciding on what electronic cigarette starter kit you really need consider the following:

How much / how often do I smoke? Do I need more than one battery? Do I expect to be smoking while out and about or is this purely an enjoyable habit for when at home? How much do I want to spend on getting started? Do I need or want any accessories such as in car chargers or wall charger or a carrying case?


This will determine the size of battery to go for. A Battery size is determined by the mah rating which is the bigger the mah the longer the battery will last between charges.

This is a guide to typical use for different mAh STANDARD/TRADITIONAL e-cig batteries:


Typical use between charges

650mAh - 4-6 hours

900mAh - 7-9 hours

1000mAh - 10-12 hours

1650mAh - 14-16 hours

2200mAh - 18-22 hours



What is E-Cigarette Battery mAh?

E-smoking has plenty of unique terminology associated with it, but we’ve found that the term “mAh” seems to be among the most confusing for those without a tech background. You’ve probably surmised that if “mAh” refers to e-cigarette batteries, a higher number must mean a stronger battery — but what do those numbers actually mean mAh stands for milliampere-hour. It is the standard of measurement that describes the total amount of energy that an object such as a battery can deliver over one hour. For example, a battery with a rated capacity of 1000 mAh could deliver 1000 milliamperes — or one amp — for one hour before.


How Does mAh Affect E-Cigarettes?

The mAh rating of your battery can help you calculate how long your battery will last, but only if you know the number of amps required by your e-cigarette to keep it working. That means you need to know how much juice your battery and atomizer or cartomizer draw when in use. For example, if someone was 20 a day smoker a Titanic C14 kit would be good as it comes with a 900mah battery this could work through the day. If someone was 40 a day smoker they would need the arc 5 kit which is a 2200mah battery. We highly suggest to go for an easy to operate device like the Titanic C14 kit unless you were a very heavy smoker or a very like smoker.


Best Vape Starter Kits for Beginners

Titanic C14 Kit This is a fantastic ecig for those wishing to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. If this is your first time using an ecigarette then this is the one we would advise you to use. Kit contents : 1 x 900mah battery, 1 C14 Tank, 3 x Atomisers & 1 x instruction manual


Arc 4 & Arc 5 Kit

The Arc 4 has been consistently popular with vapers worldwide thanks to its exceptional quality, at an unbelievable price. We didn’t want to lose any of the features that cemented the arc 4 as a TECC best seller, so we kept them. The arc 5 is the arc 4…enhanced. Retaining its class-leading 2200mAh internal battery, up to 40W of power, sub-ohm capabilities, stainless steel threads and a spring loaded 510 connection, the arc 5 is now accentuated by the CS Air Slim tank. Offering pinpoint airflow control and even more control over your vaping experience.


Many smokers looking to switch like to vape tobacco e-liquids to start with because it makes the transition easier. However, some smokers find that the tobacco flavoured e-liquids remind them too much of the real thing - and end up craving a cigarette! So best thing to do is to experiment. If not, tobacco e-liquid, perhaps blackjack e-liquid is for you!


Calculating Battery Life

To find out how long your e-cigarette will last with a particular battery, you need to take a look at the battery life calculator. Enter the mAh rating of your e-cigarette battery or the battery you’re interested in. Then, take the standard value of 1400 milliamps or the value you found during the previous step using the Ohm’s Law calculator enter the “Consumption of Device” field. You can then click “Calculate” to get an idea of how long your battery can be expected to last in hours.


Unless you have a very large battery, you’ll likely end up with a result that is a decimal value like .132. You can then take this value and multiply it by 3600 to get the number of seconds that your e-cigarette’s battery can last. The value you find will be the total number of seconds that your e-cigarette can produce puffs. If you follow the example value of .132 hours, you’ll come to 475 seconds after making these calculations.

The best vape starter kits for beginners should be excellent quality, long-lasting, and easy to use. You should be able to enjoy vaping without hassle. You do not want to overspend either. You do not need an expensive, unwieldy mod that they will try to sell you in a vape shop. Keep it simple and enjoyable.