Here are some basic safety tips in charging your e-cig battery and to ensure its proper maintenance in general:


1. Read the manual for guidelines

Every type of vaping device comes with a manual. There are instructions provided on the manual that involve the battery capacities and the required voltage for charging. You have to realize that these vary according to the manufacturer. It is also significant to check if you are using the right charger for the vaping device you have. Often the product package comes with several warnings. An example of this is the overtightening of the screwed connection to the rechargeable e-cig battery which may result to a mechanical damage that can cause heat problems, failure in the product’s functions, and even physical injury.

When your e-cig battery is given a good initial charge, it will condition the battery. This helps in making the battery last longer, and it also keeps the e-cig battery charged longer. The ion battery should not be fully charged. It is better to have it partially charged, but then it’s always wise to check the manual for this.


2. Use the battery as often as possible.

You must remember that the batteries in your e-cig are designed for frequent use. The fewer times you use you e-cig battery, the harder it is for power to run through the cells. It may not be necessary to use the e-cig daily but turning it off for a long time may affect its level of performance.


3. The battery should not be fully drained.

E-cig batteries don’t have a charge memory like your laptops. That’s why it’s not recommended to drain your e-cig battery. Once you see the battery low indicator you have to recharge it immediately. When you allow your e-cig battery to drain, it can cause strain on its overall functions.


4. Unplug the battery once full

It is not advisable to leave the battery charging on its own. You have to make sure that you are there to unplug it once it is full. It’s a no-no to leave the e-cig charging for a long time. It’s also not recommended to leave the e-cig charging overnight. Overcharging the battery can cause it to overwork and it can decrease the lifespan and performance of your e-cig battery. 

Plugged in appliances take on power even if they are unplugged in a condition called zombie energy or phantom energy. It works the same with your e-cig. The cartomizer is connected to the battery and it drains its energy even when the e-cig is not used. Hence if you would not be using your e-cig for a prolonged time, you better disconnect the cartomizer from the battery. This helps prolong battery life and maximize its performance.


5. Clean your electronic cigarette battery regularly

Regularly removing gunk, dust particles, and leaks on your e-cig in general can enhance its efficiency. All these can cause corrosion and block air holes and battery connections, making it harder for you to breathe. You can clean it up using cotton swab and alcohol. You can use toothpick to pick out all the debris left on the air holes. One thing you should never do is to submerge the battery in water.


6. Make sure that you only use high quality e-cig batteries

Always look for the CE mark or any equivalent standard mark in your country which indicates that the battery is compliant to European Safety Standards. Don’t settle for e-cig batteries that can be found in convenience stores especially when the largely discounted ones.

Don’t place it in a high-temperature area for the same reason. Instead you can invest in a protective carrying case to ensure that you are safe and to lengthen your e-cig’s battery life. There are also express chargers that can charge twice as much as that of the regular charger. You can try this. It even has the USB model that will let you charge it on your laptop or car adapter.

These are some of the most important points to remember when handling your e-cig battery. Bear in mind that when you take care of your vaping device, it will also take good care of you.